Arthur Upson
The third movement of 'From the Valley of the Wheat', a five-movement song cycle of love, and the seasons of the Midwest based on poems by Minnesotan poet Arthur Upson. Upson's death at age 31 cut short a literary career filled with such promise that many contemporary critics predicted he would become one of the leading poets of his time. A tanka is similar to a haiku, but with five lines.

Commissioned by: 

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council


Roy Heilman, tenor
Item Voicing Media Price
LK043-01 tenor and piano



All the trees are bare
Between my sky and window;
Grey spreadeth the dome,
Black are the crooked branches
But among them flash bluejays!

Slowly the sun droops,
But far above other hills,
August, serene, still,
The white Moon doth remember
All the weary day forgot!