Springtide of the Soul


Arthur Upson
The final movement of 'From the Valley of the Wheat', a five-movement song cycle of love, and the seasons of the Midwest based on poems by Minnesotan poet Arthur Upson. Upson's death at age 31 cut short a literary career filled with such promise that many contemporary critics predicted he would become one of the leading poets of his time.

Commissioned by: 

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council


Roy Heilman, tenor
Item Voicing Media Price
LK045-01 tenor and piano


Springtide of the Soul

Friend of my heart!
Among the Autumn trees we walk together baring thought to thought
Of this vast symbol-earth wherein lie wrought
Hints of immortal dreams and destinies!
And you and I are part of all of these,
Friend of my heart!
Ourselves mysterious emblems, tones half-caught
From voices far, wherein our souls have sought deep meanings,
Silent, ‘mid earth’s melodies.