O Vis Aeternitatis


Hildegard von Bingen
"O Vis Aeternitatis" is movement I of "O Power Beyond All Season: Three Hildegard Chants for Women's Voices". The other movements are "Aer Enim" and "O Rubor Sanguinis". I have sung many Hildegard chants and have always been amazed by her agile, flowing, and hypnotic chant lines.


Virgin Ground
Item Voicing Media Price
LK039-03 SSA a cappella $2.25


O Vis Aeternitatis

O vis aeternitatis,
quae omnia ordinasti in corde tuo,
per Verbum tuum omina creata sunt,
sicut voluisti,
et ipsum Verbum tuum induit carnem in formatione illa,
quae educta est de Adam,
et sic indumenta ipsius a maximo dolore abstersa sunt.
O quam magna est benignitas Salvatoris,
qui omina liberavit per incarnationem suum,
quam Divinitas expiravit sine vinculo peccati.
Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto.

O power of eternity,
You who ordered all things in your heart,
through your Word all things are created,
just as you desired,
and your very Word put on the garment of flesh in that form
which was drawn forth from Adam,
and thus that garment itself from great sorrow is made pure.
O how great is the kindness of the Savior,
who freed all that is by this incarnation,
which Divinity breathed out free from chains of sinning.
Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.