Motet de la Vergine


Williaume li Viniers (15th c.) and Latin chant text

Commissioned by: 

Tom Crann and Andrew Martin for The Rose Ensemble, Jordan Sramek, director in honor of Kathleen Anne Martin


The Rose Ensemble, as part of their Notre Dame candlelight concert
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Motet de la Vergine

[Medieval French]
Vergine, pucele roiauz
En cui li douz Jhesuchris,
Li dous glorieus joiaus,
Fu conceüs et norris,
Bien fu vos cuers raemplis
De sa grasse et de s'amor
A cel ior Que sains esperis
I ot le fill dieu assis.

Douce dame emperïaus,
Esmeree flors de lis,
Douz vergiers especïauz
Ou li sains fruis fu cueillis.
Soverains rosiers eslis,
Vous aportastes la flor
Et l'odor Par cui paradis
nos fu ouvers e promis.

Virgin, maiden queen
in whom the sweet Jesus Christ,
The sweet, glorious joy
was conceived and nourished,
Truly your heart was filled
with his grace and love
the day the Holy Spirit
Placed the son of God there within.

Sweet lady emperor,
immaculate lily-flower,
Sweet orchard place
where the holy fruit was gathered.
Sovereign rose-bower elect,
You carry the flower
and the fragrance by which Paradise
Was opened and promised to us.

Salve Regina, mater misericordiae:
Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.
Ad te clamamus, exsules filii Evae.
Ad te suspiramus,
gementes et flentes,
in hac lacrimarum valle.

Eja ergo, Advocata nostra,
illos tuos misericordes oculos
ad nos converte.
Et Jesum, benedictum fructum
ventris tui,
nobis post hoc exilium ostende.
O clemens, O pia,
O dulcis Virgo Maria.

Hail, O Queen, Mother of mercy;
our life, our sweetness, and our hope: hail!
To thee we cry, poor banished sons of Eve.
To thee we send up our sighs,
groaning and weeping
in this valley of tears.

Hasten therefore, our Advocate,
and turn your merciful eyes
toward us.
And show us Jesus, the blessed fruit
of your womb,
after this exile.
O merciful, O pious,
O sweet Virgin Mary.

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Featured on Schola Cantorum on Hudson's 'Project Encore'