Among the Pines


Arthur Upson
The first movement of 'From the Valley of the Wheat', a five-movement song cycle of love, and the seasons of the Midwest based on poems by Minnesotan poet Arthur Upson. Upson's death at age 31 cut short a literary career filled with such promise that many contemporary critics predicted he would become one of the leading poets of his time.

Commissioned by: 

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council


Roy Heilman, tenor
Item Voicing Media Price
LK041-01 tenor and piano


Among the Pines

The earnest pines are of the sober North,
Cold twilights find them sombre as themselves,
And the gold sun that down the red West delves
Like broken-lancéd knights doth set them forth.

There is among them only Autumn cheer,
A mournful sweetness--yet they do not change,
And their laced limbs are never bare and strange
Under the swift reprisals of the year.

If constancy brings melancholy joy,
This then is why these forests reach my heart
With their deep changeless tones, why tears do start
To-night when I behold their brave deploy.

Their constancy brings feelings linked to those
The soul brought here, and keeps beyond life's close.