Aer Enim


Hildegard von Bingen
"Aer Enim" is movement III of "O Power Beyond All Season: Three Hildegard Chants for Women's Voices". The other movements are "O Vis Aeternitatis" and "O Rubor Sanguinis". I have sung many Hildegard chants and have always been amazed by her agile, flowing and hypnotic chant lines.

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made possible by a grant through the Jerome Composers Commissioning Project


Virgin Ground


Medium Hard
Item Voicing Media Price
LK022-03 SSA a cappella, percussion


Aer Enim

Aer enim volat,
et cum omnibus creaturis,
officia sua exercet et firmamentum eum sustinet
aer in viribus istius pascitur.

As air flies,
attending to all creatures,
the structure of heaven sustains it,
and the air is nourished through this enfolding.